The business value proposition of platform-connected simulation is clearer now than ever before. With the introduction of more stringent quality and compliance regulations, organizations are investing in the development of more sustainable products.

Why Use Advanced Simulation Tools During Product Design?

Now, more than ever before, simulation tools are vital for ensuring sustainable product design, validation, and manufacture. And proper, platform-integrated use of simulation tools can empower decision makers in the design of more sustainable, more cost-effective and better-performing products.

Integration between CAD and CAE enables design engineers to explore, amend, and lock in the best design ideas at very early stages. It reduces the risk of costly design errors or oversights and supports more detailed design option exploration.

Common benefits of simulation-driven product design include:

  • Learn more about your product designs ahead of testing,
  • Iterate faster, and earlier on in the design process
  • Reduce time, effort and cost spent on prototyping and redesign
  • Better quality and closer optimization of final products

How Best to Use CAE Tools During Your Design Process?

Simulate, Validate, and Optimize 

Bring the powerful predictive capability of advanced simulation to the forefront of your design process. Enable users to create product and structure simulations. Encourage testing and verification of components through simulation of varying real-world environments. Too often, design simulation findings come late in the product cycle. These key insights can, and should, be used as foundational elements in design decision making.

Check out our recent blog on Generative Design and Topology Optimization to discover how you make powerful simulation tools available to all members of the design team.

Assess, Review and Refine 

Analyze the daily operation of your design team. Then apply a “cross-disciplinary” approach to help disable silos and enable collaboration. By introducing team members with varying specialisms to a familiar product, you broaden each of their understandings. Remind your teams constantly of your mission statement. What are your product’s key differentiators? What are you all working toward in order to achieve your objectives?

Reflect, Connect, Collaborate 

Collaboration is about workload distribution, helping individuals to focus on their key specialisms and providing the relevant information for each task whenever and wherever required.

Collaborative platform tools help your teams to cut down on time wasted through all design processes. But when simulation is left out of the product design loop, or left until the latter stages, you lose out on valuable data and design insights which usually leads to unbudgeted high cost that affects the entire project.

In Our Experience…

Product geometries are often too complex for hand calculations. And physical prototypes are frequently too expensive or developed too late to support upfront designs. So, simulation, or Computer-Aided Engineering tools such as Finite Element Analysis (FEA), Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and Multibody Dynamics (MBD), should be used early during the design phase as an integral part to ensure successful and competitive product design delivery.

Comprehensive simulation solutions and technical services from the TECHNIA Simulation Centre Of Excellence have helped many customers adopt simulation solutions during their design processes and no doubt this has revolutionised their project delivery and helped them to stay on top with their competition.

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Why Use Function-Driven Generative Designer or Topology Optimization?
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