Increase the Quality, Validation, & Verification of your Manufacturing & Operations

Digital Manufacturing solutions optimize the time, cost, and overall efficiency of manufacturing processes. Analysis of complex schedules, workflows, and processes allow your teams to generate solutions for production scenarios based on real-time system feedback. Accelerate change cycles by bringing engineering and manufacturing into a common digital environment.

What Can You Do with Global Manufacturing Solutions?

Lean Manufacturing

Target waste, variability, and inefficiency with simple access to actionable, real-time data that helps you to develop plans for improvement.

Additive Manufacturing

Reduce production time and material waste with reliable predictive simulations that help to ensure print success.


Access a comprehensive library of anthropometry variables. Capture and reuse organizational standards to ensure comfort and safety compliance.


Optimize resources and create better products, faster by programming, simulating, and optimizing machining processes.

Process Engineering

Reduce cost, risk, and time-to-market by defining, optimizing, and validating manufacturing process plans against best practices.


Build, simulate, validate, and program robotic systems  to define safe and efficient production engineering processes.

Virtual Factory

Ensure digital continuity between design and manufacturing, with interconnected simulation of all production processes.

Supply Chain Planning

Simplify complex processes throughout the supply chain, from workforce planning to manufacturing environments and logistics.

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Key Benefits of Digital Manufacturing

Global Manufacturing & Operations Solutions
Global Collaboration
  • Full traceability with easy access to data
  • Real-time analysis of actionable data
  • Break down silos between disciplines
  • Encourage collaborative probem-solving
Digital Continuity
  • Easily synchronize industrial operations
  • Simulate, define, and optimize processes 
  • Track and report on production in real-time
  • Ensure efficient supply chain planning

Find Your Global Manufacturing Solution

Digital Continuity & Digital Twin

Enables digital continuity from Engineering to Operations (Planning & Execution) with 3DEXPERIENCE DELMIA, the world-leading solution for global, multi-site manufacturers applying best practices in synchronized industrial operations.

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Digital Manufacturing Platform

Achieve optimal efficiency through the digitalization of your manufacturing processes. Starting with engineering, the 3DEXPERIENCE platform provides best in class product and industrial engineering capabilities. Empower decision-makers throughout supply chain planning, dynamic scheduling, and predictive analytics to optimize manufacturing efficiency.

Collaborative Engineering / LEAN In-Production

The 3DEXPERIENCE 3DLEAN solution makes it possible to digitalize lean practices on the shop floor whilst leveraging touchscreen technologies. Shop floor meetings are made easy, as lean representatives can broadcast company lean practices and ease the animation between team leaders. 3DLean supports the animation of lean routines/meetings such as Flash 5, Flash 30 and QRQC. Capture and retain institutional knowledge, intellectual property and manufacturing knowledge.

Manufacturing Operations

Transform your global production operations with DELMIA Apriso. Achieve and sustain operational excellence through digital continuity. Provide your global manufacturing stakeholders with improved visibility, control, and synchronization across manufacturing and supply chain operations.

Production Optimization

Provide in-depth analytics with DELMIA Ortems to enable your teams to plan, reschedule and optimize processes based on real world input. Positively affect key performance indicators across the value network from suppliers and factories right the way through to retailers and service centers.

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