Our solutions are specifically designed for the creation and management of information and projects. They are designed for innovation, built for reliability and delivered with passion.

We promise to provide our customers with measurable and sustainable business improvements, to accelerate performance and transform your vision into value.

TECHNIA Solutions

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

Our PLM solutions help customers improve productivity, enhance service/product quality, strengthen stakeholder relationships, resolve challenges and realise opportunities. We combine industry-leading PLM tools with specialist knowledge, so you can enjoy the journey from product concept to implementation. TECHNIA make Product Lifecycle Management what it should be – easy.

Product Data Management (PDM)

Product Data Management (PDM) tools form the backbone of your engineering systems. Product Data Management (PDM) supports the entire PLM system, whilst providing secure interactive links that enable collaboration at an inter-department, inter-company and international level.

3D Product Documentation

With 3D Product Documentation you can provide product information in a 3D high quality rendered format, delivering consumers a more engaging understanding of your product. Equally, instructions can be used during development and manufacturing, speeding up the production process and reducing development costs. Get started with 3D Product Documentation today.

3D Design Modelling (CAD)

From a business perspective, the design process and toolset has to stimulate innovation, support engineering development activities and enhance the profitability of the company whilst minimising cost. Harnessing the power of a 3D virtual reality environment has simplified the design of everything from the humble bolt to the most sophisticated fly by wire airliner. Discover the advantages.

Simulation & Analysis

Simulation & Analysis systems are gaining importance as the focus of new product development is driven to reducing cost, reducing weight or increasing duty cycle. Lifelike testing and evaluation of products in a virtual 3D environment not only eliminates issues at the earliest pre-manufacturing stage, it allows the optimisation of structures whilst introducing new and innovative materials.

Digital Manufacturing Simulation

Delivering a quality product “first time, every time” used to be the goal of a production process, now it is the new build requirement. With high expectations, the ability to design, visualise and simulate every stage in the lifecycle of a production process is changing the way we plan and make products. Find out what Digital Manufacturing Simulation can do for you!

Additive Manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing is delivering real business benefits as it secures its place in mainstream manufacturing. But what do you need to know if you haven’t evaluated the technology yet? What software tools are available? Which processes need to change and what has changed since your last review? Taking your first steps may not be as difficult as you might expect, with TECHNIA.

Industrial IoT

In the world of Industry 4.0, people, machines, equipment, systems and products communicate and cooperate with each other directly. Production processes are integrated intelligently across company boundaries to make manufacturing more efficient and flexible. Let the value contained in the data from your connected machines guide you forward. The physical world is getting connected, and so should you.

Rapid Part Search

If your business uses multiple servers, folders, users that create and file their own information, employees that leave the business or you experience merger and acquisition, it’s easy to lose your Intellectual Property. With rapid part search this becomes a thing of the past.

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