All users, no matter the device can work with our 3D model, a format standard, on the same platform – that’s exactly what Lite3D from TECHNIA enables. With the help of the JT standard, 3D can be established as a common corporate language without being slowed down by cumbersome native CAD data.

Key Benefits of using Lite3D:

Reliable data format

TECHNIA has set up Lite3D on the ISO-certified JT standard 14306: 2012. The platform has a reliable format standard that can still be used for many years to come.

Multiple users

Whether its several employees in one department, or different participants in a project or both – the number of users is arbitrary, expandable, making collaboration child’s play.

Multiple device compatibility

Due to its slim format, 3D data can be easily accessed from mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets.


Design a customisable platform that fits your individual business requirements and challenges regardless of industry or project.

TECHNIA Lite3D platform

Set up 3D as an affordable collaborative collaboration language that goes beyond engineering across the extended enterprise.

Users from marketing or sales, for example, who otherwise have trouble with CAD data, can also work with the help of three-dimensional models. The special charm lies in the fact that the Lite3D product family has the right solution for a wide variety of tasks. And for very unusual cases, the software specialists can also develop new customer-specific applications based on JT and Lite3D.


The JT viewer is available both as desktop and web-based versions forming the basic building block for all other applications. The more powerful desktop version, either free of charge or as a pro version with extended functions, is mostly used for data creation. The pure use of data works perfectly via the web viewer.


As a compliance tool, LiteComply guarantees the checking and conformity of components alike with the corresponding requirements and legal regulations.


The LiteDrop process solution reduces and simplifies data in order to lay a more compact basis for easy, effortless work.


With xCompare you can seamlessly document changes and differences between JT files, comparing CATIA V5, SMG and JT files also.

Lite3D consists of several standard components:

LiteBox3D Desktop Viewer

LiteBox3D is a free, user-friendly JT viewer. Based on the specification of the JT ISO standard, PLMXML, STEP AP242 XML,…

LiteBox3D Web Viewer

LiteBox3D Web Viewer is a user-friendly JT viewer based on HTML5. 3D data can be displayed in any browser and on…


LiteComply checks whether the JT models in the area of ​​geometry, structure and methodology meet the development guidelines of a…


3DHTML is a proprietary format from TECHNIA, which contains the tessellated representation, the structure tree, PMIs and the metadata of…


LiteDrop is a process solution based on the TECHNIA JT viewer LiteBox3D Desktop.


When developing new vehicles, standards, guidelines and norms from different countries must be taken into account. LiteCar ensures the legal compliance…


This function is part of LiteBox3D Desktop Pro but is also available as a standalone command line utility. Therefore, properties…


With LiteMachine, 3D data can be optimized for production. Colored areas are automatically recognized and grouped to show processing steps.


With LiteImage you can capture an image of a JT model or assembly (PLMXML, STEP AP242 XML). The captured image…


In times of global and simultaneous development processes, tools that support engineers in managing their complex design data are becoming…

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