What kind of material behaviour can we model for you?

A suitable material representation is crucial to achieving useful simulation results. TECHNIA Simulation can help in situations ranging from choosing the most appropriate material model for a basic scenario to choosing the best numerical representation for a set of test data in situations where no pre-existing Abaqus material model is suitable. TECHNIA has extensive experience with UMATS and VUMATS developed to represent exotic materials or specialist applications.


What can you expect from us?

Expert Consultancy

Our dedicated team of Simulation experts support your innovation with a wealth of specialist experience.

Agile Collaboration

During the consultancy, shared knowledge of your business will provide essential detail for the decision making process.

Clear Communication

We value customer-centric dialogue which focuses on the reasons, routes and results of the solutions we provide.

Flexible Resourcing

Our specialists are available to provide an upscale of resources and ensure that our joint venture turns your vision into value.

What are the benefits of Material Modelling?

By taking a more in depth approach to materials than the traditional internet search, the value obtained from simulation studies can be greatly enhanced. Looking into the small scale structure of the material and how it responds to loads, abuse and its environment, engineers can create better designs and systems which exploit this knowledge to achieve higher levels of performance and durability. Composites of all types, elastomers, biomaterials and polymers, as well as more traditional things like metals and concrete, can all be modelled to enhance the scope and accuracy of FEA studies.


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With over 50 years of experience with complex FEA simulation and analysis, the TECHNIA Simulation offers extensive experience in high level analysis to solve challenging real world problems in the most demanding industries.

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