It can take weeks for an analyst to match a simple FEA model to measured strain gauge values.  True-Load offers an optimised solution for large structures and mechanisms that allows for multiple strain gauge locations, and it does this over time.

Key Features of TrueLoad:

Turns measured strain data into meaningful load time histories

Turns complex components into multi-channel load cells

Optimises strain gauge placement

Guarantees robust correlation

Integrates with fe-safe®

Key to accurate fatigue calculations with any FEA based

Reduces test cost

Eliminates design iterations

About True-Load

True-Load takes the FEA model and automatically identifies the optimum location of each strain gauge to reach a solution in the shortest possible time. Strain data is loaded and True-Load calculates load time histories that are guaranteed to match the measured strain data to within 2% at every point in time. Interrogating any point in the model for strain, stress or displacement is easy and interactive when you add True-QSE. Strain gauge placement that traditionally take hours or longer, takes a few minutes to determine and a few minutes to back calculate the loading profiles.

Key Applications:

  • On and off highway vehicles
  • Multiple aerospace application
  • Mining and Heavy Construction
  • Oil, gas and other piping systems
  • Architectural (Bridges & Buildings)

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