tetra4D offers the widest available set of best-in-class Adobe authorised products for creating and enhancing 3D PDF documents. All tetra4D products are built on the same core technology, depending on the job you’re trying to accomplish, one of these 3D PDF Products or Plug-ins may be better suited than the other.

Main Features

3D PDF Converter

Convert. Visualise. Collaborate.

3D PDF Animate

Animate. Enrich. Instruct.

3D PDF Publish

Publish. Document. Share.

3D PDF Compare

Compare. Collaborate. Accelerate.

Tetra4D Software

Tetra4D Converter

Tetra4D Converter is the world’s leading solution for converting native 3D CAD data into rich, interactive 3D PDF documents, including full support for accurate BREP geometry and PMI. Only Tetra4D Converter and Adobe Acrobat together allow you to control whether recipients of your 3D PDFs can measure, section, comment or export 3D data from both Acrobat and the free Adobe Reader.Key Capabilities:
  • Share 3D CAD data with anyone: Accurately convert 3D data from the all major CAD applications to 3D PDF directly inside Adobe Acrobat.
  • Translate CAD data: Export precise geometric 3D CAD data to STEP, IGES, JT, STL and Parasolid for use in downstream applications.
  • Always works in Adobe Reader: Built using the native technology found in all Acrobat products ensuring 3D content is displayed accurately every time.
  • Transition from MBD to MBE: Share Model Based Designs with suppliers, with full support for import of PMI data.
  • Collaborate with your team: 3D PDF files can be viewed, commented on and shared by virtually anyone.
  • Full representation of CAD data in a compressed file: 3D PDF’s are up to 97% smaller than the original CAD model enabling easy electronic sharing.
  • Security Options: Control access to views, and user ability to mark up and export files.

Tetra4D Enrich

Tetra 4D Enrich is the only solution that allows anyone to create data rich, interactive 3D PDFs inside of Adobe Acrobat without needing programming expertise. The interactive 3D PDF created with Tetra4D Enrich functions like an “app” that has all the data needed to support any workflow, even complex workflows related to the Model Based Enterprise (MBE), and allows anyone to view and interact with the data using the ubiquitous Adobe Reader.

Key Capabilities:

  • Enhance your 3D PDF with interactivity: Easily add interactivity between 3D models, non-graphical data and other product information to create custom actions.
  • Create advanced documents: Create your own custom template or use existing templates to build compelling documents.
  • All critical manufacturing information, in one document: Consolidate all required product information into one document.
  • Efficient and affordable: Critical documents can be created without additional internal or external resources at the modest price, saving both time and money.
  • Covert your native CAD data to 3D PDFs: Tetra4D Enrich incorporates the latest version of Tetra4D Converter, allowing you to convert over 20 of the major CAD formats to native 3D PDF.
  • Now anyone can create intelligent 3D PDFs: Tetra 4D Enrich allows anyone, even non-CAD users, to create rich, interactive 3D PDF documents. And because it doesn’t require specialized programming expertise, users can create advanced 3D PDFs in record time.

Tetra4D Automate

Tetra4D Automate provides a simple, easy to deploy solution to automate the creation of rich, interactive 3D PDF documents automatically or on-demand. Utilizing highly customizable Tetra4D Enrich templates, companies can now automatically generate hundreds or thousands of consistent mission-critical documents such as Product Visualization, Engineering Data Release, Design Change Notifications and Parts Catalogs.

Key Capabilities:

  • Efficiently scale 3D PDF creation: Tetra 4D Automate allows manufacturers of any size to streamline documentation and communication workflows without the need for a costly and complex enterprise-level solution.
  • Simple, easy-to-deploy server solution: Tetra4D Automate requires minimal customization, training and integration support, allowing companies to start using the product immediately without any interruption or downtime to their processes.
  • Leverage highly customisable Tetra3D enrich templates: Use Tetra4D Enrich and Adobe Acrobat Pro to create your own custom template or use existing templates to build compelling documents.
  • On-demand flexibility: The generation of 3D PDFs can be triggered by PDM/PLM events, watch-folder or triggered manually from within the PDM/PLM client, allowing for flexibility within structured environments.
  • Aggregate complete product information: 3D PDFs created with Tetra4D Automate offer full support of assembly structure, PMI, Views and CAD attributes.

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