Design, Simulate, Manufacture and Manage with 3DEXPERIENCE.

The 3DEXPERIENCE platform provides a simple, unified environment for a portfolio of solutions that strengthens the SOLIDWORKS you know and love.

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Main Features


Empowering design innovation with improved performance, streamlined workflows and connected to design ecosystems.

Social Collaboration

Work together in real time with your customers and colleagues throughout the business.

Business Dashboarding

Communicate and share your data and ideas visually, inside your organisation.

Extension to any Discipline

Designers, Analysts, Managers – everybody shares the same level of information.

Lifecycle Management

Organise and manage your data and supervise your company workflow.

Packaged by Processes

Find the roles and applications designed specifically for your industry processes.


Ambitious Organisations Need Freedom to Grow

Futureproof your organisation’s innovation, collaboration and productivity.

Enjoy the freedom of a unified, simple and easily expandable solution that connects each global business function, available on premise or on TECHNIA.Cloud.

Realise a Single Source of Truth

Capitalise on seamless collaboration throughout your organisation.

Ensure compliance to the latest industry standards. Give Operations access to real-time design data. And make sure that your Service team has detailed, up-to-date information to provide the perfect post-sales experience.

Let's Work Together

Achieve all of this and so much more even before your product hits the factory floor.

Bring digitalisation to your entire organisation with Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE platform and TECHNIA as your one key, strategic partner. Count on our team of over 680 experts across 32 locations to turn your business challenges into new opportunities.

What’s new in SOLIDWORKS 2020?

The SOLIDWORKS Community has a direct influence on the major annual updates and frequent service packs that Dassault Systèmes roll out.

In 2020, SOLIDWORKS enhancements focus on improving performance, streamlining workflows and connecting the design ecosystem on cloud.

Your business can now enjoy a custom, automated connection between 3D Product Design and Manufacturing.

Operate every business function based on a single source of truth with Dassault Systèmes simplified approach to Product Lifecycle Management.


Streamline your product pipeline.              Put an end to overwritten data.              And quicken your time-to-market.

TECHNIA - Your Strategic Partner

Discover the unique TECHNIA software and services that set us apart from the rest.


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