With myPLM add-ons, you can expand the functionality of myPLM and simplify the usage of your CAx-environments.

myPLM add-on: Active Directory

Using Microsoft Active Directory in myPLM, it is easier to manage rights and roles for the usage of your application, environments and licenses. Administration of entitlements for users and groups will be faster and more flexible. It is no longer necessary to use time-consuming manual configuration of entitlements.

myPLM add-on: License Traffic

With the License Traffic add-on, the availability for licenses is shown in form of traffic lights. Before a user starts an application they can see if a license is available. License Traffic can also display which user is using a license. This add-on is available for LUM, DSLS and FlexNet licenses.

myPLM add-on: OfflineSync

A user can synchronize myPLM environments from the server onto their computer if they have the necessary rights to do so. This lets them use applications offline with all the settings they are used to. This feature is useful e.g. for business trips, when no network connection is available. When an environment is outdated, it gets updated the next time the computer is connected to the server.

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