Removing the Headaches from Retail Supply Chain Management

Say Hello to Powerful RFQ Data Management

Exchange Hub centralises request for quotation data and processes into one collaborative, easy-to-use platform.

No More Spreadsheets

With a ‘single source of truth’ approach, everyone collaborates around the same platform. Meaning you can stop emailing around error-prone spreadsheets once and for all.

Get Full Traceability

Exchange Hub makes it easy to track data and documentation, with a full audit trail. Forget sleepless nights worrying about transactional data loss.

See Every Version

Need to see what changes have been made? Full version history allows you to jump back to any point and recover data or simply pinpoint changes made.

Structured, Safe Data

Moving from files to structured data means you’ll always be viewing the most up to date information. No more risk of retrieving outdated, incorrect data by mistake.

Why Use Exchange Hub?

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Secure, Structured, Seamless

With Exchange Hub, you can say goodbye to data loss, human error and misplaced documentation.

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Make Data Management Headaches a Thing of the Past

Exchange Hub helps you solve the daily challenges that hamper your workflow.
Still Relying on Spreadsheets?

Human error can seriously hamper the RFQ process. Incorrect data entry into spreadsheets is one of the most common causes of human error, costing the consumer and retail sector time and money every year.

Exchange Hub moves you from files to structured data. It helps you reduce manual data entry work and eliminate the need to import and export your data from other systems.

Struggling with Version Control?

If you need to see when things were changed, version control is essential. But working with multiple documents, spreadsheets and other data sources means it’s impossible to efficiently track and monitor different document versions.

Now you can avoid costly errors, as well as having the peace of mind that a full version control and history brings. With Exchange Hub, you can collaborate in new, more efficient ways and even validate your data in real-time.

Lacking a Reliable Audit Trail?

With data passing through partners, suppliers and manufacturers and back again, maintaining a watertight audit trail is no easy task.

Exchange Hub gives you the ability to manage audits and inspections with ease. Even your external partners can have logging and auditing capabilities, with workflow templates and access management to ensure crucial processes are followed.

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James Goodale

James Goodale

Product Manager