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TECHNIA Simulation has a long, proven track record with simulation projects of all types, including Structural Analysis. Challenge us with your structural product or process goals and let us help you to achieve your goals. TECHNIA Simulation is proud to run an ISO9001 Quality System for all consultancy projects.

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What can you expect from us?

Expert Consultanacy

Our dedicated team of Simulation experts support your innovation with a wealth of specialist experience.

Agile Collaboration

During the consultancy, shared knowledge of your business will provide essential detail for the decision making process.

Clear Communication

We value customer-centric dialogue which focuses on the reasons, routes and results of the solutions we provide.

Flexible Resourcing

Our specialists are available to provide an upscale of resources and ensure that our joint venture turns your vision into value.

We have expertise in...

Composite Failure Analysis

FEA Consultancy for Performance, Optimization and Damage

Engineering with composite materials requires an understanding of how composites function, as well as being aware of the variety of failure mechanisms which may be at work. Gaining the ultimate performance from these material systems often involves exploiting the failure mechanism, and therefore incorporating damage and debonding into numerical models is a critical aspect of the work carried out by TECHNIA Simulation .

What composite challenge can we solve for you?

Frequency, Linear Dynamics and Vibrations

FEA Consultancy for Frequency Linear Dynamics and Vibration Predictions

Investigating the effects of vibration, and the role of natural frequencies has long been a standard type of simulation study. The insights given by these studies allows designers and engineers to optimise designs to minimize the effects of dynamics, increasing component life while reducing noise and vibration.

How can we help you to prevent vibrations in your structures?

Highly Non-Linear Behavior

FEA consultancy to predict and prevent Buckling

Many structures exhibit extremely non-linear responses when loaded, even within their expected capacity. Ignoring this behaviour isn’t an option in the design process, in fact modelling and understanding it is often the key to significant steps forward in product development. Be it post buckling, material non-linearity, complex contact or most likely a combination of all three TECHNIA Simulation has a track record in delivering results in a timely and cost effective manner.

What kind of instability challenge can we solve for you?

Drop Test, Impact and Crash

FEA Consultancy to ensure Impact and Crash Safety

Drop test, Impact and Crash Analysis provides insight into the structural performance of your product or structure. These type of analyses can be performed in order to investigate drop testing for containers filled with liquid, drop testing for electronic devices, ballistics, bird-strike analysis, crash of cars or parts and other vehicles vessels and structures, impact of landing gear, etc.

How can we help you to predict structural performance for Drop test Impact and Crash?

Fluid Structure Interaction (FSI)

FEA Consultancy for Fluid Structure Interaction

FSI is one of the great simulation challenges, however it is sometimes worth investing the time and effort that this combination of fluid and structural modelling approaches demand because of the scale of rewards possible. There are many possible simulation strategies for these studies ranging from connecting a structural domain solver to a fluid one, to using the Smooth Particle Hydrodynamics and Coupled Eulerian Langrangian features of Abaqus/Explicit.

Can we help you to solve your Fluid Structure Interaction challenge?

Soil Structure Interaction

FEA Consultancy for Soil Structure Interaction

Soil Structure Interaction Analysis is performed in in situations where a Structure has interaction with a Soil (mixture between sand, water and rocks). Most of these type of simulations are performed for the Offshore and  Dredging industry, Subsea Systems and Architecture.

How can we help you to predict the behaviour of Structures interacting with Soils?


FEA Consultancy for Multi-physics; Thermal-Structural

Although FSI dominates the world of multi-physics, TECHNIA Simulation has considerable experience of other multi-physics scenarios, including closely and loosely coupled thermo structural analyses.  Other physical domains can be coupled including electromagnetic and chemical.

Can we help you to predict coupled behaviour such as Thermal-Structural effects?

Fatigue and Durability Analysis

FEA Consultancy for Fatigue Analysis

Component failures in operation are dominated by fatigue, so prediction of durability is increasingly becoming part of simulation workflows. fe-safe has advanced methodologies and approaches to simulate, and build an understanding, of the design parameters and features which drive component durability.

Can we help you to accurately predict the Fatigue life of your products?

Hyper Elastics and Rubber Material Behaviour

FEA Consultancy for Rubber, Elastomers, Hyperelastics and Viscoelastics

Rubber and rubber-like materials are extremely common across engineering and technology,  but challenging when it comes to creating a useful numerical representation.  TECHNIA Simulation has extensive experience in these situations, and critically can help in the definition of material test programs in association with material testing laboratories.

How can we help you to accurately model the behaviour of complex Rubber and Hyperelastic Materials?

With over 30 years of experience with complex FEA simulation and analysis, the TECHNIA Simulation offers extensive experience in high level analysis to solve challenging real world problems in the most demanding industries.

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