We’re specialists in helping companies to drastically reduce product development costs and deliver products to market much faster than the competition, whilst enabling you to meet regulatory compliance through a smart use of Product Lifecycle Management Systems.

Business Challenges

Lack of a single system for the handling of structured information

Aside from an all-too-common lack of a single system for the handling of structured information and documents, there is also often the dilemma of how to effectively collaborate with architects, consultants, sub-contractors and suppliers in a multi-CAD environment.

Customer Satisfaction

Within the construction sector, businesses need to find new ways to focus on consumer satisfaction, rather than working in silos and sub-optimizing. Focus on everything from architect to maintenance should be on how to make every project better at delivering the right thing, at the right time and in the right quantity.

Maximize Project Outcomes

The architecture, engineering and construction industry needs to change the game, companies need to use advanced technology and a new approach for maximizing project outcomes.

Cost Efficiency

Successful companies need to constantly work to lower planning and production costs, in order to reduce project delivery and completion times.

Solutions for the Construction Industry

Build things right the first time

With the latest innovation, construction is the realization of the virtual building through the execution of the virtual build process. Leveraging precise 3D models allows for remote fabrication and assembly on site, improving cost and speed.

Optimize for speed, efficiency, and accuracy

Architecture, engineering and construction is a project-based business and competition is fierce for winning work. Industry fragmentation makes it difficult to standardize on a single platform to efficiently share data. Plus, competitive bidding practices and functional silos lead to padded estimates and poor outcomes.

Tools to help identify & fix issues before they blow the budget

The advanced BIM platform enables unmatched construction process simulation and optimization capabilities, 4D modelling, and real-time project management tools that help identify and fix issues before they blow the budget, or stop on-site progress.

Business Value of PLM

TECHNIA offer a PLM solution to manage all of these problems. With TECHNIA, your company will not only become more effective, more competitive and more profitable, but will also be able to meet the demands from owners, clients and the government.

What value does a PLM system bring?

  • Makes it possible to reuse project information and processes between projects even though each project is considered to be unique
  • Creates one repository for all building-related information with a tight connection between processes, organisation and production
  • Minimises errors late in the process, which leads to unnecessary rework and expensive scrap
  • Ensures construction safety, health and environmental compliance throughout the lifecycle of a building – from planning through design, procurement and production to the maintenance of the building
  • Lowers the cost of planning and production and reduce the project time to completion
  • Makes it possible to control requirements and more effectively respond to customer needs resulting in a better-perceived quality
  • Better collaboration with external team members
  • Creates possibilities for a more effective planning and evaluation of the business.

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