At TECHNIA, we consider Analysis & Simulation to be as integral to engineering as product design and development. We therefore provide services that deliver the same value to our customers that we would expect to deliver within our own engineering business.

Structural Analysis

TECHNIA have developed a robust engagement process for our services, delivering ‘Flexible Resource’ of defined capability to match your structural analysis requirements and key project milestones. Whether you are working in a PLM driven environment or not, TECHNIA aim to replicate your process requirements so that our services deliver the KPI values that you would at least expect from your own staff in-house. Our personal goal is always to deliver greater value than the competition, whether we support your engineering with basic hand-calculations or the latest software, we make sure that we deliver a quality solution every time you engage.

Vibration/Fatigue Analysis

It is important to understand how a component’s assembly or a system’s response to vibrations across the spectrum may impact strength, durability and lifetime performance. This can, at the very least, minimize unwanted noise and in the extreme eliminate catastrophic failure and loss of life. Searching for the resonant frequencies and causes of fatigue in normal and abnormal use (Modal Analysis) is a standard part of many industries design and development processes, even being considered in many other seemingly less critical components and products. To avoid costly post manufacture penalties why not let TECHNIA deliver our expertise in vibration and fatigue analysis as a standard element of your product development.

Thermal Analysis

As new products out-perform their predecessors, we are continually requiring components and new materials to function predictably in ever more extreme and physically demanding environments. The Aerospace and Automotive industries are particularly demanding environments, pushing for greater performance from smaller, more efficient and environmentally friendly products. In all areas the focus on optimisation grows and with it the need to better understand how components and products will operate, not just in use but how their design intent is affected by heating or cooling within the manufacturing process. TECHNIA are experienced in providing detailed thermal structural analysis to investigate and solve problems caused by conjugate heat transfer, from minute multi-layer printed circuit boards and components to the highest performance electromechanical devices. Understanding the thermal properties and actions of fluids and gases and their contribution to effects caused by convection, conduction and radiation supports a multitude of modern product developments and is only matched by the diversity of experience within the TECHNIA team.

Composite Analysis

Successful use of composite materials depends heavily on simulation and analysis but also on breaking down the barriers between design, simulation & analysis and manufacturing, calling for designers to understand the properties of the new products they are using and analysts creating structural design changes based on desired performance requirements and manufacturability. The actual benefits of a PLM driven, silo less environment where the traditional demarcation between the design and simulation & analysis functions is removed and a more fluid flow of information can be seen from concept design, through simulation & analysis and product development to manufacturing. At TECHNIA, we understand this environment and offer our experience as a range of services to help our customers get the most from the very latest composite materials, design, simulation & analysis and manufacturing processes.

Dynamic Analysis

Accurately simulating the changes in structural geometry as loads are applied over time helps engineers to fine tune component and assembly design to optimize lifetime performance. Crash, impact and drop simulation form the majority of the requirement for dynamic analysis, however understanding how an item absorbs and stands up to loads can also have a significant impact on component specification, packaging and logistic functions down line. TECHNIA’s product lifecycle appreciation helps in defining a service provision that considers the manufacturing to recycling life of your product enabling you to make the choices that deliver superior product performance.

Flow (Computational Fluid Dynamics)

A key area of simulation and analysis, Computational Fluid Dynamics includes the elements of thermal simulation and analysis. Gases and liquids form a key area of study within new product development whether they are a key component of the product or make up the operational environment. As an engineering services provider working across various industries, TECHNIA provide expert CFD services sensitive to your specific application. Understanding flow dynamics, liquid and gas properties in a dynamic environment is the key to designing effective components and assemblies with cooling or heating scenarios. The operational impact of fluid and gas movement on structural items such as buildings (laminar, turbulent, and transitional flows), ships and aircraft both in a static and dynamic environment is used to confirm expected performance.

Using ABAQUS, TECHNIA's (formerly Intrinsys) analysis engineers were able to replicate the ply lay-up construction and ply drop off and verify the simulation, correlated with a real life failure.

Why Choose TECHNIA?

TECHNIA has been delivering Analysis and Simulation services that solve our customer’s critical engineering problems and deliver competitive advantage for many years. As a leading reseller of world class Engineering and PLM software, TECHNIA enjoy the unique benefits of the close links that we have with the product developers that are reflected in the high quality of the results we produce for our customers.

By creating services which deliver a cocktail of advanced software, expert users and extensive industrial experience, TECHNIA have created a strong engineering services provision to perfectly compliment your own engineering teams, irrespective of the industry you work in. We rate our service provision highly, however we believe that we are only successful if our customers succeed. If this means that commercially it would be better for you to develop your own internal capability we are more than happy to work with you every step of the way, using our services to support you with your product selection, implementation, training and user support services.

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