Who are BE Consulting?

BE Consulting is a Technology & Engineering Consultancy which was formed as a spin-out from a high growth Surgical Robotics start up. They are specialists in new product development and existing product optimization.

What do they do?

BE Consulting operate in all the High-Tech engineering markets (Life Sciences, Robotics, Aerospace & Defence and anything in between). They provide rapid product development and management services from concept to delivery & beyond to companies of all sizes.


BE Consulting were looking for a cloud-based solution as the best way to futureproof their product design and development.

Cloud-based technology
Efficient, scalable solution
Flexibile & future-proof
“3DEXPERIENCE is unparalled in terms of efficiency, if you adopt it properly.”
Keith Brent | Director, BE Consulting

We spoke with Keith Brent, Director at BE Consulting, to find out more about their decision to work with 3DEXPERIENCE SOLIDWORKS:

What Is BE Consulting About?

“Every aspect of our business is designed and implemented with one goal in mind – to reduce our customers’ time to market. We achieve this by cutting the time it takes to complete tasks at every stage of the project.”

BE Consulting provides rapid turnaround throughout their offering. With in-house machining & prototyping; regular stock of a wide range of materials; design & manufacturing facilities under one roof; years of product design & development experience; established relationships with trusted suppliers; and an expert team of engineers using the latest software.

“The way we operate means we can cut lead times from weeks to just days, so your product delivery to market and scale up is quicker without impacting on quality.”

Why Were You Looking for a New Solution?

“We always had a priority on remote working because it’s the most efficient and scalable solution. We also wanted to be able to take the same data that our clients are working with and jump right in.”

BE Consulting is an organization dedicated to effective collaboration. With one eye keenly trained on the future, Keith explains that they planned the move to cloud before remote working became the new normal. They were looking for a simple, scalable approach to collaborative product development that would put them further ahead of the competition.

“With 3DEXPERIENCE, you just pay the license, you get access, and if something’s wrong with a part you just get in there and change it. You don’t have to resend the data or anything. This is a really good, long-term investment for us.”


SOLIDWORKS Desktop has one of the most dedicated userbases in Computer-Aided Design (CAD). But it seems fair to say that TECHNIA and BE Consulting see the cloud-based solution as the best way to futureproof your product design and development.

“We joined TECHNIA’s webinars and found that they could really provide a well-rounded answer to our requirements. We’re on the same wavelength.”

“We’re both companies with ambition to go places. But we’ve always tended to use web-based software, so that we don’t have to buy into infrastructure.”

“What attracted us to TECHNIA was that they’re not just a sales team. The thing about TECHNIA is that they’re Engineers. They speak the language. So, it’s easy to get a direct answer.”

What Did the Implementation Process Look Like?

“Well, it probably took about 4 weeks to get up and running with a sandbox environment that we were happy with.”

“From there, it took about another month to migrate our data across and for us to be happy with the way that works now. And we were in contact with TECHNIA every couple of weeks – working out a few minor kinks. But we’re in a position now where we’re able to comfortable and confidently distribute roles to contractors as and when we need to.”

“It’s just slicker. Getting in and out of 3DEXPERIENCE is easier. Releasing it’s far easier. You get less problems in assemblies. With SOLIDWORKS Desktop, you might have a huge assembly which was all driven by data and so everything’s getting called on at once. And if any part changes, everything above it has to cascade up. But 3DEXPERIENCE doesn’t do that. So, we’re saving literally days of admin.”

What Does the Future Look Like for BE Consulting?

“In the future, we’re looking to be able to scale our customers however they need, in an instant. So 3DEXPERIENCE is perfect in that respect.”

BE Consulting is an agile organization with a bright future backed by a wealth of design and development knowledge. Their experience in specialist industries, combined with a track record in optimized product innovation, makes them a perfect partner to start-ups, OEMs and supply chain manufacturers alike.

Collaborating with a broad range of companies and layering project timelines can have infrastructural challenges. But one of the main advantages of working on cloud within the 3DEXPERIENCE platform is its scalability. It’s as flexible as you need it to be – no matter how fast you’re scaling operations up or down.

Coming back to BE Consulting’s mission statement – reducing time-to-market – how does working on cloud support you in achieving this with your customers?

“There is a mindset change for how to move data in and out – and this is where TECHNIA really helped. You can see that other companies are getting stuck taking on additional IT support when they should really be looking to adopt web-based solutions. Where you might, when working on a server, wait a week for a change of part to integrate with your assembly, 3DEXPERIENCE on cloud has it done in five minutes.”

And are you using the 3DEXPERIENCE platform exclusively for SOLIDWORKS at the minute?

“We are looking at multi-CAD. Obviously, you can use CATIA as well. And a lot of clients are asking for CREO, as well. But if we can keep it all in 3DEXPERIENCE – with the various connectors that are available – then that’ll be brilliant.”

About BE Consulting

We are a fast growing and ambitious technical consultancy with a focus on delivering end-to-end product development services to start-ups, robotics, MedTech and consumer markets.

For our clients, time to market is essential to beating the competition. So, our main goal at BE Consulting is simple; deliver high-quality technical consultancy services – fast.

We invest heavily in our people, facilities and software to help our clients achieve this and help propel our staff towards reaching their maximum potential.


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